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Certified English Translator in Jakarta Service

Top Essential Translation Tools More often than not, translators face a multitude of challenges in their profession, one of which is related to the handling of various formats of source text provided by clients. There are formats ready for translation, such as plain text (.txt) or Microsoft Word files (.doc/docx, .ppt/.pptx, .xls/.xlsx)., which can be translated using a common text editor or word processor. For more specific formats, such as PO files, Infix files, Windows Resource files, XLIFF files, etc., translators need to utilize specific translation tools. Some of these are freeware while some others require a purchase or a subscription. Here you may find some of the most essential translation tools that you can get for free from the internet. 1. OmegaT OmegaT is a stand-alone, multi-platform Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tool developed on an open source code. It is mainly used by freelance translators who only need a simple yet effective software program to aid them in their translation work. OmegaT can handle plain text and Microsoft Word files as well as other files in their native formats. Its latest release offers translators the option to remove tags, a feature that was not previously made available in previous releases. With this feature, you only need to focus on translating the text. Although it lacks more advanced features and only has a bland GUI, it provides translators the ease of translating at no cost at all.


Certified English Translator in Jakarta

Certified English Translator in Jakarta

Certified & Authorized Translation Service in Jakarta

certified translator in jakarta

certified English translator in jakarta, Who are They?


You may often hear about sworn translators, and wonder what and who they are. Sworn translators are translators specialized on legal documents translation. They hold a certificate of translation. To get the certificate, they should pass the test held by Himpunan Penerjemah Indonesia (HPI). Once translators have passed the test and got the certificate, they are entitled to translate various legal documents.

Having the certificate means that they have had the qualification needed to be a good sworn translator. Every translator has the right to have the certificate, so they can always take part in the test held by HPI. However, not all translators manage to get the certificate. Only one with the best qualification will pass the test. Knowing how difficult it is to get the certificate, it’s not surprising that it is not easy to find a translation bereau with qualified sworn translators.

Among many translation bereaus, you can visit certified English translator in jakarta to find the best sworn translator. There are many sworn translators who work under the management of this bereau. You can explore about the bereau in its website, and start communication by contacting them directly through the site or by e-mail and phone. They will response your question and request for services immediately.

Since the translators in certified English translator in jakarta has the best qualification, you should never doubt to hire them. They will work profesionally and translating documents just like you expect. Legal documents, such as various agreements, regulations, decrees or other types of documents will be easily translated by them since they have a lot of experience in such translation jobs.

Apart from sworn translators, you can hire an interpreter from this certified English translator in jakarta translation bereau. An interpreter is really helpful for you, especially when you will hold an event that will be attended participants from some foreign countries.

Learn more about certified English translator in jakarta by visiting the site, and start hiring a translator. You will deal with most professional translators and interpreters.


certified English translator in jakarta Contact +622196210883 for further information.

Film Subtitling Services

Certified English Translator in Jakarta

Certified English Translator in Jakarta

Have you ever seen a foreign film and find translations in movies

The quality is so bad? You definitely feel annoyed if you have that kind of thing. You

certainly not be able to enjoy the movie well, and you certainly can not understand how

probably the result of poor quality of translation can be cleared up to be aired

in a movie?

That kind of upset feeling that there will always be experienced by anyone who watched the movie

the poor quality of the subtitle. If you are dabbling in the world of film, and you want to

presents a high-quality subtitles for the audience, you should use the services of

special subtitle professional translators. This subtitle services widely available in Jakarta.

However, there is a bureau translator subtitle that you can use to help

You translate subtitles. Visit the site to take advantage of the services subtitle

they offer. The website is a company that is one of the divisions

Translindo, a translation services company that has experienced since

, 1997.

Translindo have a creative team of specialized translators subtitle services which are committed to

provide the best service to all clients who wish to utilize the services of translation bureaus

these services. For more information, you can visit the site With

visiting this site, you will find information on who and how the service bureau

providing translation subtitles.

Translindo also provide not only the subtitle translation from English to

Indonesian and vice versa, but also other foreign languages. Serving translation Translindo

subtitle for 12 foreign languages, both for private and commercial purposes. So, if you want

create a personal video or movie and translate it into a foreign language, do not hesitate to

contact Translindo.

You will get a satisfactory translation services in accordance with the

You expect. You can also negotiate about how fee that you pay for

each video you want to translate. Subtitle of Translindo services will make your video

the more interesting that can be enjoyed by anyone.